Five Things I’m Loving Lately | 2

In an effort to share a little more day-to-day life and some of the smaller moments, I kicked off a new series on my blog earlier this month: a bi-weekly Five Things I’m Loving post! I love the idea of sharing a little overview of random things/moments that I’ve personally loved from the past couple weeks, as some may not be quite worthy of an entire blog post on their own. Plus, I love taking a peek into what others have discovered and loved! These are all things I’ve been raving about to friends in real life and/or are highlights of my days, and I hope you take great delight in one or all five of these, too!

weekend hikes | Like I mentioned two weeks ago, we’ve been getting in walks every single day this month, and our longer and more adventurous weekend hikes are a favorite activity! This past weekend, we trekked for a few miles on the Mountains to Sea Trail (that, of course, spans the width of North Carolina from the mountains to the coast) and around Falls Lake. It was a chilly but sunny day, perfect for a hike, and we only crossed paths with one other person the entire time. We love hiking through the woods, discovering new-to-us trails and hidden gems (this was a word of mouth locale from a friend in articles club!), chatting together for hours, and taking in such beautiful parts of our state!

hot cinnamon tea | I first shared about this a whole year ago, but this delicious hot cinnamon tea is still my all-time favorite tea! My brother-in-law, who drinks a couple cups of tea every single day, first turned me onto this tea, and it is truly amazing and filled with so much flavor. So many of my friends now love it, too, and I’ve enjoyed so much of this hot cinnamon tea this month, both because it’s winter and because it’s Dry January for me. There’s little I love more than cozying up with a great book, warm blanket, and hot cup of cinnamon tea on a winter day. Highly recommend, y’all!

block print green linen napkins | I have been crushing on the color green lately, especially that in-the-middle, hard to define green… a little sage, a little Spring green, not too bright yet not too muted… and when I saw these green linen napkins (4 for $10!), I scooped them up so quickly! The shade of green is perfection, and I’ve been on a very big hunt to find throw pillows in this palette, too. There’s just something about this shade of green that makes me excited for the months ahead – and that would perfectly pair with my dusty French blue and white and rattan decor. Here for it! You can also shop my Sprintime tabletop picks in soft green, white, and rattan here, if you’d like. And if you know of green throw pillows with a block print (that aren’t extraordinarily expensive), send them my way! Stay tuned for many fun and seasonal tablescapes and place settings coming very soon.

requesting books at the library | Did you know that, at least at the Wake County Public Library, you can request books/materials?! If there is a book (or ebook or audiobook) that they don’t currently have in their inventory, you can submit a Materials Request online directly through the library! I would imagine most public library systems have something similar, and if you’re in Wake County, here is the library link where you can request a book to be added to their catalog so that you can check it out! Amazing, right?! It’s yet another reason why I love the library so much and am continually impressed by the range of (free!) services the library offers. Over the past couple years, I’ve requested several books, and every Materials Request has been approved and that book added to the library’s inventory. I love it so much and am hoping the book I submitted just this week gets approved very soon, too!

waffle maker & chicken and waffles | Rob got me a waffle maker for one of my Christmas presents (I think it was around $15 on Black Friday), and I am so, so glad he did! I’ve mentioned on and off for years that I maybe wanted a waffle maker but didn’t find it absolutely necessary to buy one, especially since we already have so many kitchen gadgets – and a homemade buttermilk pancake recipe from his mom that we already loved. Anyway, I’m glad he decided to get me one anyway, and we have loved using it this month!! I first tried this New York Times waffle recipe since there are 2,700+ five star ratings, and I’m 100% converted – wow is this recipe amazing! I like to halve the recipe for the two of us, by the way, and our weekend brunches have never tasted better. We’ve also experimented by making one of my all-time favorite dishes: chicken and waffles! Yep, this waffle maker was the best idea. Rob makes the most amazing fried chicken tenders (no bones for us, please and thank you!), I whip up half a batch of these waffles, and then we top it off with maple syrup. It’s a definite splurge treat but oh so very delicious!

What about you?! Have you discovered or tried anything new and noteworthy over the past few weeks?! Do any of these five resonate with you? Do tell, if so!

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