On saving champagne corks


One of my favorite meaningful mementos and collections are our champagne corks! For several years, we have saved all of our champagne corks from special celebratory occasions, and they are collected in a bowl on our bar cart where we see them every day. I write the event/cause for celebration and the date on the champagne corks that we’ve saved, and then they’re collected and displayed for years to come! From our engagement to new jobs to anniversaries (I like any reason to celebrate!) to birthdays to our new house to life milestones… we’ve popped the bubbly to celebrate, toasted to the occasion, and commemorated it appropriately.

This is far and away one of my favorite treasured collections, and I’ve had so many people reach out to ask about this, so I wanted to share this in hopes that it may inspire you to start your own champagne cork collection, if you’d like. I love that it’s so simple to do, takes up such little room (as opposed to saving champagne bottles!), and it such a meaningful marker of so many of our biggest life events that we’ve been fortunate enough to celebrate. I love being reminded of our celebrations and that life events that we’ve experienced!

PS: Any occasion, big or small, is worthy of champagne! Sometimes the most simple things/celebrations are reason enough to pop the bubbly, and I love remembering the big and little celebrations of our life together.

PPS: Pro-tip: always have a bottle of champagne in the fridge for impromptu celebrations! Cheers, friends!

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