Thanksgiving Table Decor

With the holidays’ quickly-approaching dinner and cocktail parties and family events, holiday celebrations will soon be in full swing. Previously on the blog, we highlighted some fool-proof fall decor, but let’s focus on the hosting aspect of the holidays: specifically Thanksgiving and dinner party table decor.

Hosting family or friends can be overwhelming and put a lot of pressure on you to make sure your home looks perfect. Here are some Thanksgiving table decor inspirations and ideas that will get you excited for the holidays and alleviate some of that hostess stress!

First, let’s talk about name cards. Name cards, while not necessary, can be a fun way to make your guests feel at home and incorporated into your plans. Place cards can also add some added detail to your table design. You can of course go with a traditional name card, but I want to focus on three styling elements that can really make your name cards pop.


Swoon! These three place cards are to die over and add the perfect Fall touch to our table setting! The first name card adds a sweet touch by telling each guest you are thankful for them. There are dozens of online sites that you can create name cards like this and get them printed or shipped to you, but you could just as easily handwrite these! The next place card is adorable, and so simple! You could place the pumpkin on the plate or in front of it and they add the best pop of fall to your table! If you aren’t feeling the pumpkins for Thanksgiving, you could always use another item such as an acorn, pinecone, or a sprig of greenery. The last place card is one of my favorites! Taking a leaf and spray painting it gold is so elegant and classic while still being fresh. This option might not be the best if you do not have good penmanship, because it does require you to write your guests names on the leaf.

Next, let’s focus on place settings. Place settings is tricky because everyone has all different items when it comes to linens, silverware, and china. For the sake of inspiration, I am going to break down three stylistic place settings that I love. If you have some of these items, great! If not, don’t fret. You can easily incorporate what you do have with some fun new pieces and make it your own.


These five inspiration images have a little bit of everything. Two of these place setting implement pops of Fall colors which can add a fresh vibe to your table setting. The other three images are a bit more subdued, playing up neutrals, greenery and simplicity. I adore all of these inspiration images and each one brings something new to the table (pun intended). The key to take away from place settings is the style of each one, obviously (or maybe not so obviously) you aren’t going to buy a whole new place setting for Thanksgiving so all of these ideas might not be feasible. I think what’s important is to take what you do have and see how you can style them and incorporate items like greenery, pumpkins, natural elements, or name cards to make it seem new and inspired.

The last component I want to focus on is centerpieces, Centerpieces can make a huge statement on your table, and whether you are wanting to keep it simple or go all out, a centerpiece can truly tie together your table.

As I’ve mentioned I am not the biggest pumpkin fan, however, when it comes to centerpieces I feel like pumpkins can really add something to your overall look. These images are some of my favorite Thanksgiving centerpiece inspirations for this season. One of the keys to creating a successful centerpiece is adding various heights, textures and elements that blend cohesively. Two of my favorite items to incorporate into centerpieces are greenery and candles. There is never a wrong time to use greenery; it adds a pop of life and color to anything while still being natural and not overwhelming. I love how three of these inspirations incorporated various types of greenery with pumpkins, apples and gourds. Acorns, pinecones and nuts are also great items to add to your centerpiece to great a warmer toned fall pallete.

I tend to be drawn towards more traditional styles with incorporated modern and trendy elements. However, the top right image with all pumpkins in various colors is amazing! It is so modern and unexpected but still incorporates traditional pumpkins which is what makes it so fun.

Whether or not you’re starting from scratch or trying to use items you already own, I hope these inspirations are just what you need to fuel your holiday spirits. Over the next few weeks while the holidays are getting under way, you will be seeing a lot more decor/recipe/styling inspiration on the blog!

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