Anniversary Celebrations

IMG_8004August 1st was our four month anniversary of being married! While four months isn’t a decidely huge milestone or extraordinarily exciting milestone, necessarily, it was definitely cause for celebration. If you know me at all or have been reading this blog for any length of time, you know that I’m passionate about celebrating the big and little moments of life, turning anything into a worthy cause for celebration, and finding joy in the little things! Our four month wedding anniversary was no exception, and I know Rob and I both immensely enjoyed our low-key evening together and found much reason to celebrate. I believe it’s deeply important to create new traditions together, to remember the great times (and the hard times) while looking towards the future together, to find any reason to create new and joyful memories, and to simply celebrate all the good in life.


For our four month anniversary celebration the other evening, we cleared our evening calendar so that we could soak up time together, just the two of us. I set the table using our china, fresh flowers, a bottle of champagne (of course!), and the place cards that I calligraphed for our wedding. Even these simple touches added more meaning to our dinner (tacos!). Rob and I always like any excuse to pop the champagne, and this evening was no exception! We toasted to our wedding day and marriage; to our love for one another; to our hopes and dreams.


Rob and I plopped down on the couch an watched our wedding ceremony video, which we’d only watched the entirety of once before. Even though it’s 45 minutes long, it is the BEST to have documentation of every single moment of our ceremony. We absolutely love rewatching it together and having this film to look back upon! Remembering and re-living the massive beams on our faces throughout the ceremony, every word from our pastor, hearing us recite our vows again, the way we’re looking at each other, hearing the birds chirp, seeing all of our guests come up for communion, and when we’re pronounced husband and wife… it’s all so perfect! I love having this visual, real-time record of our wedding, and watching it together left me crying the happiest tears (again!). Rob and I then looked through our wedding photos, as we hadn’t looked through them all again (1400 of them!) since we received them back in May. It was also incredibly special to look at these precious, gorgeous images that captured the happiest day of our life! These photos brought back so many memories and are such a treasure. We then curled up in bed with stove-popped popcorn to watch Forrest Gump.

You see, even the most simple of evenings – with a few meaningful, special touches – can become one of those memorable nights that really does celebrate your love!

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