Saving your bridal bouquet

my bouquet

Such beautiful remnants! The worst thing about fresh flowers and bouquets, by far, is that they don’t last forever. If only my bridal bouquet could flourish forever and look as it did on our wedding day…

We didn’t leave for our honeymoon til Monday, so we had all day Sunday at our home to pack for Antigua, open wedding gifts, reminisce about our wedding day, eat wedding cake… and for me to stare at my bridal bouquet My dear friend Alana of Serendipity Designs was our wedding florist, and she absolutely, positively blew me away with my flowers and designed the most gorgeous bridal bouquet I have ever seen. (A total pinch-me moment: MY bridal bouquet?!?) It was breathtaking and perfect in every way, and I really do wish it could live forever. But I know I will have beautiful images by Ally and Bobby to always remind me of my bouquet, plus my own clear memories and mental pictures!

I don’t quite know what else I’ll do with the dried flowers from my bouquet, but I decided to take apart the bouquet, flower by flower, to let the individual blooms and greenery dry completely. It’s not quite the same thing, but it’s definitely something! I think I will keep the dried blooms, greens, and petals in a keepsake glass + gold box or closed terrarium, as my own mom did 36 years ago with her bridal bouquet. For now, they’re still lying on our guest bed, where I stop by every day or two to look at the preserved, beautiful-in-its-own-way collection of all of my favorite flowers!

If you have any great ideas of how to preserve or artfully save blooms from your bridal bouquet, I would love to hear your best tips and tricks. I’m only 95% committed to the plan above – ha!

5 thoughts on “Saving your bridal bouquet

  1. I’ve been trying to figure out a plan for mine as well. Right now, it’s hanging in my mom’s attic upside down, drying out. After that, not sure. I like your idea of a glass box though!

  2. I dried out my bouquet and then put several petals inside a clear glass ornament. Every year I joyfully hang it on our Christmas tree and remember my beautiful wedding bouquet! Bonus that it doesn’t take up much space :).

    1. Oh that’s such a good idea! I had forgotten you did that… must make sure I have some of my bouquet in an ornament for the Christmas tree!!

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