Styling Bridal Details

photo by Love, The Nelsons + styling by Stephanie Scholl Events

Sweet, sentimental bridal details and family heirlooms are such an integral part of a wedding day, as sometimes the smallest of details have so much meaning. And capturing these well-thought out details is such a critical part of the wedding day! As a recent bride myself, I know how much thought and care I put into each and every detail of our wedding day, down to the jewelry I’d be wearing. Each little detail for our big day was packed with a wealth of meaning, symbolizing so much to me or to us.

My grandma, who was unable to join us at our wedding due to health reasons, was certainly with us in spirit in many ways, including my garter. She painstakingly crocheted a stunning garter for me during our engagement, and I knew how much love she poured into making it. Capturing beautiful images of the treasured garter my grandma made for me, and being able to share these images with her, made her feel a lot closer on our wedding day! It was (and is) so important to me to have beautifully styled and photographed images of all of our wedding and bridal details, as I know we’ll be able to share these stories and these images with our children and grandchildren one day. Having a tangible, visible record of all of this is so essential, and it helps us build our legacy and our family’s story.

A tip for brides:

Brides, be sure to gather all of your bridal details (like your engagement ring, both weddings bands, perfume, jewelry, any family heirlooms, your veil, your garter, and your shoes) and have them organized and ready to be photographed when your photographer and wedding planner/stylist arrive on your wedding day! Having everything in one place makes it easy for everyone (yourself included!), and then your team can capture these beautiful, meaningful details from your wedding. What a treasure these images are… and the stories and legacy behind each of these hand-selected items!

I know that as a wedding planner and stylist, this is one of my favorite aspects of my job – and the wedding day! I adore being able to artfully and meaningfully style these treasures that mean so much to you so that we can tell its story.

A while back, I shared a wealth of knowledge on wedding photography tips for your big day, so be sure to bookmark this blog post, too! From creating the perfect timeline with lots of cushion for portraits to being organized from the get-go to anticipating the needs/wants of your photographer to what to bring with you on your wedding day, I hope it’s a post that is chock-full of helpful advice and tips for you.

photo by Love, The Nelsons + styling by Stephanie Scholl Events
photo by Jake + Heather + styling by Stephanie Scholl Events
photo by Blest Studios + styling by Stephanie Scholl Events

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