Making Things Happen


I’m oh so excited to (finally!!) be attending the Making Things Happen conference this week! I have been wanting to attend for years and years, but my work schedule in Washington, DC always kept me from being able to attend. I cannot wait to finally be at this conference; digging in, learning so much, being inspired, and hopefully walking away with all sorts of new goals, dreams, and plans for my life and my business. I can’t wait to share more about what I learn and future plans for Stephanie Scholl Events, as well!

A little more about Making Things Happen (from their website):

Together, we’ll dig deep, establish priorities, set goals and discover how to make what matters happen. After uncovering a vision for what you want to make happen on Day 1, we’ll dive into the core principles of taking action on that vision on Day 2 to really help you make what matters MOST happen. Just a few of the topics covered: conquering fear, discovering your strengths, eliminating distractions, making bold leaps in life and in turn in business, how your environment and the people around you affect you, living your ideal day, authenticity and action. Making Things Happen was founded on the idea that you have the choice to change your life.

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