My Morning Routine


In case you didn’t know by now, I love routines, goals, and setting myself up for a successful & productive day. And for many years, I’ve been a big believer that how you start your morning can really set the course for how the rest of your day unfolds. Now that I work for myself and I work from home, I have much more of the freedom and the flexibility to kick off my morning in the way that I really want to. I’m still ironing out the details and working on the routine, but it’s been so fun – and liberating – to figure out how to intentionally and purposefully start my day.

I also feel like I have enough flexibility in my day-to-day life, and I don’t have a husband or kids, that I feel fine giving myself grace or saying yes to other things when the time is necessary for it. As much as I love a good routine and practicing these things day in and day out, it’s really nice to be able to cut myself some slack if I don’t stick to a morning routine for some reason or another.


My ideal morning routine:

7:00 – wake up

7:05 – out the door for a quick run, usually listening to a sermon or other inspiring podcast (note: I half run and half walk!)

7:40 – shower and get dressed

8:00 – quiet time, Bible reading, and prayer on the couch or on my porch (sometimes with frou frou coffee)

8:25 – read for fun (books or blogs I love)

8:45 – prep for my work day and dive right in

Now, all of this happens on an ideal day! I’m adjusting as I go, and I don’t exercise every day of the week (yet). Some days I sleep in a little more, sometimes I shower in the middle of the day… and I think that’s perfectly fine! Giving myself the grace and the flexibility to craft my day is what I had been craving, and my mornings already look so different from what they did just months ago. I’m grateful that I don’t have a morning commute (especially since it used to be an hour!), I love that I don’t have to spend twenty minutes blow-drying my hair first thing in the morning, I love that I wake up excited to get to work, and I love spending time with the Lord right away. I’m trying to ensure that exercise is a part of my day, and I am also trying to limit social media time right when I wake up. All of these good habits are things that I need to continue to work toward, for sure! But I am so thankful for all of the morning light my new home gets, the promise of a fresh start each and every morning, and a job that I can’t wait to begin when I wake up. Here’s to productive, focused, and intentional mornings!

Two of my favorite bloggers (and fellow Triangle wedding folks!) have shared about their morning routines: Nancy from Nancy Ray Photography & Lisa from Something Pretty. I’ve found their posts so inspiring!


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