Creative at Heart Conference

creativeAfter seeing so many awesome posts & buzz around the Creative at Heart Conference (plus getting to meet Kat, the founder of the conference, in person the other week), I had to add this conference for creatives to my conference/workshop business bucket list. I’m so excited that I took the plunge and snagged one of the coveted seats before they sold out (the conference sold out in about two hours!). And this November’s conference is especially exciting because it’s located in my favorite city, Charleston! I am so, so excited to head to Charleston in November for what’s sure to be an incredible learning experience for me and for my business, as well as building community with other creatives and wedding professionals. I’ve heard countless amazing things about the entire experience, and I feel like it will such a blessing to attend. So many speakers, many of whom I’ve admired for years, will be there, and I cannot wait to delve in and dig deep to learn from all of them. Plus, you really can’t beat the Southern hospitality and charm of Charleston. Is it November yet?!

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