April 2015 Goals


Happy April, which means Spring is officially, finally here! I’m still waiting for all of the Cherry Blossoms to fully bloom in DC, but I’ve already been loving the start to one of my favorite times of the year. March has been a great month, though it flew by in the blink of an eye! March kicked off with marvelous birthday celebrations (and birthday acts of kindness!), lots of fun times around the city with friends, spending my Spring Break traveling to Boston and New Hampshire (more here), an absolutely fabulous Stephanie Scholl Events wedding here in DC at Eastern Market (a sneak peek!), and plenty of eager anticipation for the coming month. I’m pretty giddy about what’s to come in April, and I’ll share more soon (lots of excitement over here)! The Lord has been so present this month, and I’ve been focusing on obeying Him in every single aspect of my life. I cannot wait to see all of the events and possibilities of April unfold; I’m confident it’s going to be GOOD.

A quick recap of my March goals…

1. Buy flowers for someone, just because – and treat myself to fresh flowers, too! [Done & done! Don’t fresh flowers make everything better?!]
2. Bike, run, and play tennis outside as much as possible [A couple times, yes – still waiting on warmer weather]
3. Make some huge business/wedding/styling dreams happen this month!!! [Yes!!]
4. Celebrate my birthday with loved ones & also spread joy through acts of kindness with others [It was a great birthday – read more here & here]
5. Do at least one new-to-me DC activity or event [Art gallery crawl in Dupont Circle!]
6. Lead my small group [Honored to do so!]
7. Renew that darn passport [After way, way too long on my to-do list, I actually mailed it in the first week of the month!!! Finally.]
8. Finishing planning and fully coordinate my March bride’s wedding here in DC! [Yes!! And it was SO good.]
9. Enjoy my Spring Break (in Boston + New Hampshire; how ironic!) and unplug as much as possible [It was an amazing week, indeed]
10. Finish reading Psalms [Close but not quite!]
11. “Rejoice in the Lord always. I will say it again: Rejoice!”  – Philippians 4:4

April Goals

1. Finish reading Psalms (I’m 2/3 of the way there!)

2. Thoroughly enjoy Cherry Blossom season here in DC & check lots off my Spring to-do list

3. Celebrate Easter & Jesus’ resurrection at home in NC with my family

4. Eat lots of meals outside & run, bike, and play tennis as much as possible

5. Continue to work with all of my brides on their weddings + meet with each of them at least once

6. Go to the Farmer’s Market & cook a new recipe

7. Attend the Dear Sweetheart Events Styling Workshop and get as much out of it as possible (ditto for another wedding/business opportunity this month down in North Carolina!)

8. Find balance, time to rest, and time for the Lord amidst one of the busiest months of my life!

9. “Be truly glad. There is wonderful joy ahead.” – 1 Peter 1:6

spring forward / sfgirlbybay
via SF Girl by Bay

Sharing goals is empowering & definitely helps hold me accountable! I’d love for you to share yours, if you’ve set any monthly goals! We can cheer each other on in our journeys, for sure!!

2 thoughts on “April 2015 Goals

  1. “Eat lots of meals outside & run, bike, and play tennis as much as possible” – that right there makes me so excited!! Ditto!

    1. It’s the best time of the year for embracing the gorgeous weather & making the most of the outdoors! Al fresco dining is my favorite, and I just adore being outside and getting some exercise in, too!!

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