Boston + New Hampshire Travels


I know how fortunate I am to have a Spring Break vacation, and I tried to take full advantage of it by traveling North to visit some dear friends & their little families! I know not too many people would want to venture to Boston and New Hampshire for a Spring Break vacation, but I’m so glad I did. It was such a wonderful, sweet time visiting one of my college best friends, Jennifer, & her hubby & 20 month old baby girl in Boston, and then heading a bit further north to visit Kellyn & her husband, who moved to New Hampshire a few months ago from DC. Reuniting with dear friends is simply the best, and I definitely enjoyed catching up with them & seeing their lives up in New England.

Boston was filled with my first-ever lobster roll, lots of snow (record-setting!), reading lots of books to baby, wonderful time catching up, great food, toddler art class, long conversations, margaritas, adorable baby snuggles, and seeing the Atlantic Ocean from New England! I’ve known Jen & Josh since freshman year of college at UNC, so we’ve been great friends for a long time – time with them and their adorable toddler was so, so wonderful!

boston2 boston3 boston1And a couple days later, I headed to New Hampshire! My friends there own a Chickfila, so it was fun seeing their store from behind-the-scenes. And since I’d never visited New Hampshire before, I loved getting to explore a completely new state with them! We went on a maple-tapping adventure, traversing to several maple barns and farms around the state – such a unique, awesome adventure! Kellyn and I went into Boston on my last day for a long Freedrom Trail walk and touring the city – I love Boston!

boston4 boston8 boston5 boston7I had such a wonderful Spring Break visiting my friends and their husbands, and it’s so special seeing their lives in Boston and New Hampshire. I miss them, especially those baby snuggles, already! Where have you traveled lately?

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