Infusing Joy into Wintertime

Read by the fire

To infuse the long winter months with some joy, there are plenty of tried and true things that I turn to time and time again (even if it appears trivial). Since it’s so dark outside (I essentially only see daylight during the weekends, it seems like), enhancing light, enhancing the ambiance, and looking for little ways to bring more color, life, and joy to my day to day life is essential.

  • lighting candles (my absolute favorite)
  • cooking new, fresh recipes (don’t forget to turn up the music)
  • placing inspiring verses or quotes everywhere (don’t forget your desk)
  • planning fun events & adventures to look forward to (that act brings a lot of joy, actually)
  • taking a warm, calming bubble bath (yep, a necessity)
  • adding fresh citrus to everything (lemon into pastas, lime into drinks, etc)
  • stepping outside of your comfort zone & trying something new
  • wearing bright lipstick and/or bright nailpolish (pink is a year-round fave)
  • bringing the outside in with fresh plants and flowers (I would like a fiddle leaf fig & a lemon tree, please!)
  • getting outside as much as possible & being refreshed and energized

What are your requirements for infusing a tad more joy into the cold winter months? I love winter (in moderation), as it’s the perfect excuse to curl up by the fire, savor the quieter times, and relax – and making a habit of these above tips is crucial, too!

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