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Hooray, hooray! One of the best things about January is the return of Downton Abbey on PBS! This is one of my very favorite shows (really, it’s one of two or three shows I’ve regularly watched in years!), and I am so glad it’s back on after an almost year-long hiatus between seasons. My whole family gets really into the show, too, so group texts and recaps of the show are always fun and hilarious. And to me, it’s the perfect way to unwind after a busy, action-packed weekend and to relax before tackling another work week. It’s fabulous seeing my favorite cast of characters back in action at Downton Abbey! The first episode of this season was a particularly intriguing and exciting start to the events that will unfold over the next few weeks, don’t you think?



I may be a couple weeks late to the bandwagon, but one word: Serial. I am hooked! I did a good bit of driving last weekend visiting friends and family on my way back home in DC after the holidays, and, of course, I needed something to keep me entertained for the drive. Enter the Serial podcasts. It’s an utterly addictive podcast chronicling and unveiling a real-life murder mystery from Baltimore in 1999. Though a dark subject matter, it’s so gripping and fascinating, and my drives have flown by! It also helps that I have a long commute & walk around the city a good amount, so I’ve been powering through the twelves episodes. Who else is listening?! Don’t share the ending, though! I also love that so many people are getting so interested in a podcast (versus TV) – does anyone have any other great suggestions for interesting, favorite podcasts?


wolftrap farm

Over the weekend, I had the pleasure of going to a venue site visit with one of my May 2015 couples. They’re getting married at a beautiful historic farm and home just outside of Charlottesville, Virginia. Though our walk-through was on a windy, muddy winter day, I know that the stunning vistas, old trees, and flowers will be in abundance come late Spring. Plus, there are horses everywhere!



I also visited my sister and her hubby (how thankful am I to have the world’s best brother-in-law, seriously?!) at their home in Charlottesville. It wasn’t the prettiest weekend, by any stretch, but it was so relaxing and fun to just hang out with them. They are quite the chefs these days, and we had some amazing food while watching a whole lot of great sports (go Heels!). Though it won’t be this way for too much longer, I love that my sister and I are only two hours apart!



DC (like so many other cities) was blasted with some arctic temperatures and snow (!!) this week. It’s been incredibly freezing walking around the city, but watching the snow fall from my office window sure was beautiful. And I believe Teddy Roosevelt used to live in this house pictured here – along my walk one day. Isn’t it magical?!

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