Favorite Bridal Shower Gifts

Here’s another installment in my roundup of favorite wedding gift ideas… this time for a bridal shower! I adore attending (and planning!) bridal showers, and it’s so incredibly special to have the bride surrounded by those who have touched her life the most. What a celebration! Giving gifts from the heart is the best, and I simply adore showering the bride in love, laughter, community… and fabulous, touching, personalized gifts as her big day approaches!

Certificate of Marriage from Southern Weddings Shop

Favorite Bridal Shower Gifts:

  • Wedding Vows gold foil print (frame it!) from the Southern Weddings Shop
  • A personalized wedding dress hanger
  • A custom photobook of the couple’s engagement pictures
  • A gold or silver necklace with her new monogram
  • Calligraphied Mr. and Mrs. coffee mugs
  • Hand-painted monogram wooden tray
  • Canvas print of a favorite engagement picture of the couple
  • A massage/spa gift certificate to alleviate any pre-wedding stress or jitters
  • Monogrammed bathing suit for her honeymoon
  • Personalized beach towels for the couple’s honeymoon
  • Certificate of Marriage for the couple to fill out, from the Southern Weddings Shop
  • A custom ring bearer bowl
  • A beautiful customized clutch in her wedding colors for the wedding day
  • Letterpress stationery with her new name or mongram
  • If you know the couple’s favorite Bible verse(s) or quotes, use that as inspiration for a creative gift – wall art, an art print, etc
  • Pre-planned and pre-paid Date Nights for the couple for a night or two leading up to the wedding (a personal favorite gift idea of mine!)
  • Offer any services (calligraphy wedding invitations, singing during the ceremony, making favors, etc) as your gift!
  • Monogrammed anything!
  • If you feel compelled to buy something off the couple’s registry, pick a gift or a few that really speak to your relationship with her! Do you have a lot of wine nights together? Buy those wine glasses, a cheese board, and include a bottle of your favorite wine or prosecco to jazz it up!
Wedding Vows print from the Southern Weddings Shop

More gift ideas for engagement gifts!

What are your suggestions for unique, thoughtful bridal shower gifts? I’m always on the hunt for new inspiration! Former brides, what one gift stands out the most to you?

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