There’s no place like home for the holidays


It’s been a wonderful yet busy Fall and Christmastime, and I am oh so happy and thankful that my office enjoys a two week Christmas break! The three weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas break are always filled to the brim with seasonal, festive activities, events, and parties… something I definitely adore! But I certainly can attest that I’m just itching to get home for the holidays. I am most excited to be reunited with my family – my most favorite people in the world during my favorite days of the year!

My plans for Christmas break:

  • soak up tons of much-needed family time (I’m especially excited for the days all five of us will be together!)
  • reunite with as many North Carolina friends as possible
  • eat some of my favorite foods from back home (like chex mix… hint, hint!)
  • watch endless Christmas movies and bake Christmas cookies with Bridgette
  • enjoy countless bubble baths – I seriously can’t wait!
  • work on lots of wedding planning, refining my business, expanding in some other ways, and a blog overhaul, I hope
  • relax, relax, relax
  • cheer on my Tar Heels in Chapel Hill
  • play tennis and read some new books
  • hope for a little snow… even if it is North Carolina!
  • celebrate the true reason for this Advent and Christmas season!

What excites you most about the holidays? What are your favorite traditions during Christmas? I would love to hear!

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