European Wanderlust

Just a few pretty places in Europe I would love to visit! Traveling is one of my passions, though I must admit that I haven’t traveled outside of the US since living in Washington, DC after college. That simply must change soon! I studied abroad in Greece in college (more on that here), and that was probably the best experience of my life. I am working to prioritize traveling abroad into the coming years, as it’s so fun, fulfilling, and brings me so much sheer joy. All of those weddings seem to have gotten in the way since graduating from college, though that’s not a bad thing! As they say, you have three things in life: time, money, and energy. At most every stage of your life, you typically have two of the three, which make traveling abroad easy to do. When I was younger and in college, I had the time and the energy… but not so much money. And now I have the money and the energy, but the time is harder to come by. And someday, I’ll have the time and the money, but not the energy. But that doesn’t have to be true! I want to prioritize my money and my time and my energy so that I can embark upon these adventures, see more of the world and God’s creation, and expand my knowledge. I have such a thirst for traveling, and I’m hoping to really make those dreams happen.. soon!

If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go? What would you do?

Paros, Greece


Paros, Greece

Lake Como, Italy.

Lake Como, Italy

london, england.London

Algarve Coast, PortugalAlgarve Coast, Portugal

The Blue Lagoon | IcelandThe Blue Lagoon, Iceland

Paris- La Crêperie


2 thoughts on “European Wanderlust

  1. Maybe New Zealand? or Australia? Or that Iceland looked interesting? But, the US is still my first choice to continue to visit – maybe Hawaii?

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