Bubble Baths

wooden bathtub tray


Bubble baths seem to be a somewhat polarizing topic, as many people simply love them.. or never take them! I was talking about this over dinner the other day with a friend, and most people tend to have strong feelings either way about bubble baths. I, for one, love bubble baths. Love. I don’t have a proper bath tub here in my home in DC, but you can bet that I take one pretty much as soon as I walk through the door of my parents’ home when I visit them. They can certainly attest for my utter love of a bubble bath, and it doesn’t hurt that they have a spacious Jacuzzi tub, too. I try not to take one every night when I’m visiting home, since I promise I’m not in town for a bath.. but I definitely indulge in a few! I love turning on the surround sound music (especially at Christmas, of course), bringing a glass of wine with me, being sure there are plenty of scented bubbles, and enjoying a good book. There’s not much better, or more restorative, to me than a luxurious bubble bath. In fact, it’s probably a good thing that I don’t have the opportunity, yet, to take one daily… plus it makes them all the more a treat. It’s true, I adore a good bubble bath.

However, my mom hates baths… and several friends are also in the same camp. Astonishing. For a variety of reasons, they just don’t enjoy baths! For so many people I’ve talked to, they all seem to be squarely for or against taking bubble baths. I’d love to hear your thoughts.. how do you feel about a bubble bath? And, more importantly, why? If you love bubble baths, what makes it a perfect experience for you?

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