The Depot at Gibson Mill Antique Mall

When I last went home to visit my parents, we took a little day trip to The Depot at Gibson Mill in nearby Concord, North Carolina. My mom had heard about this impressive antique mill from some of her friends, and we set off one morning for a little antiquing. I wasn’t exactly sure what to expect, but The Depot antique mall was seriously massive and stuffed to the brim with antique treasures of all types. It even claims to be the largest antique mall in the South! It was really organized and easy to navigate, and each booth/stall seemed to have its own general theme or look. There were hundreds upon hundreds of stalls, all jam-packed with treasures and trinkets and vintage-inspired goods.. and only a little junk! I was really impressed by the displays, and it wasn’t too overwhelming for me.


I had a rough idea that I wanted some pretty glassware (preferably with some sort of gold detail, or mint green or rose pink glass) for my bar cart, but that was the only thing I really had in mind. Before we even got inside the antique mall, there was a huge display of old windows on the porch.. for $10! We quickly grabbed one, as I’d been wanting to do something with an old window for years now – and that price can’t be beat! Then Dad went off at his own pace (no surprise there – he’s a know wanderer!), and Mom and I got a shopping cart and merrily made our way up and down.. and up and down.. each aisle. It was so exciting spotting things that I loved (and seeing much, of course, that wasn’t my style or didn’t fit my decor), and inspiration was simply everywhere! I ended up buying mint green Depression-era lemon zester (and have used it several times already!), an iron “S” coat or towel hanger, the old window, five clear glass candlesticks, and my favorite treasure – six gorgeous rose gold glasses, perfect for my bar cart. It was so fun, and I’m sure there was much that we missed – so we will definitely be back!


Some of the goodies I picked up:

this old window for $10 – the possibilities are endless here!


these pristine thin glass candlesticks – five varying heights for $25

I can’t wait to use some gorgeous candlesticks in these for dinner parties, weddings, and whatnot!


six rose colored drinking glasses for $36

I adore these! What a fun addition to my bar cart, a dinner party, a styled shoot, or just every day drinking glasses.
antique3 antique4What are some of your favorite antique finds? I’d love to hear! And leave a comment if you have any recommendations for great antique malls/treasure hunting stores, particularly in the DC area or North Carolina!

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