September Goals

a recap of my August Goals

1. check things off of my summer to-do list (I have my eye on: peach picking, an outdoor movie, a new vineyard, a boat cruise, & a polo match!) – Done! I saw an outdoor movie, tried several new vineyards, went on a boat cruise of the Potomac, went to a polo match, and spent the weekend at the beach. It’s been a fun summer!
2. enjoy a girl’s weekend in Charlottesville + a quick vacation in Charlotte – Done and done – I love my mini-vacations visiting my favorite people!
3. play tennis and run outside as often as possible – Nope. I will try again for September – I don’t know where the time went, but I think I only went on two runs outside and didn’t play any tennis this month!
4. assist with a styled shoot in Old Town Alexandria with Kaitlin Holland (so excited!) – Yes! See my post about the gorgeous styled shoot here.
5. expand my Etsy shop – Apparently this also was put on the back burner – I’ll have to expand my Etsy shop in the next month or two!
6. continue working with several brides on their weddings – I have a big wedding coming up soon! – Yes! And so fun!!
7. volunteer – I had the best of intentions to volunteer with the DC Public Schools, but I went out of town at the last minute and had to cancel. Volunteering is so important, and I’m determined to get back into this habit ASAP.
8. book a new calligraphy client and practice using gold calligraphy ink, too – I purchased both gold and white calligraphy ink & have had so much fun working with it!
9. not wish away summertime (it’s too early to be talking about pumpkin spice lattes, people!) – Shockingly, I’ve been great at this – soaking up every bit of summertime and not wishing it away! It may have helped that my first 2014 beach trip was just this past weekend, but I have been embracing all things summer… I’ll be ready for Fall soon enough, I’m sure!
10. continue reading through the New Testament – Yes! I’m loving read every single word and verse of the New Testament instead of bouncing around from book to book.
sept goals
I’m going to go with the whole “grace not perfection” theme again for the month of September, as it’s far and away my busiest month of the year for my full-time job (hooray for the beginning of the school year!). I’m hoping to just survive – ha!
1. Send at least one handwritten card/note each week this month.
2. Plan, coordinate, AND enjoy Leslie’s sure-to-be beautiful and meaningful wedding!
3. Send out my annual “Fall in DC” to do list, and begin having some autumn fun.
4. Volunteer.
5. Expand my Etsy shop & continue practicing calligraphy.
6. Enjoy a trip to Wrightsville Beach with friends.
7. Be intentional about my time & balancing it well.
Did you make monthly goals? If so, I would love to hear what yours are, so feel free to share!

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