Blue & White Dinner Party

I hosted a dinner party for a few close friends the other evening; something I love to do. One of my best friends from college (who is now a doctor!) just moved to town, and I love ensuring my friends are all friends with each other. It was a beautiful evening to embrace the sunroom in my house, as it’s been unseasonably gorgeous lately… sunshine, cooler temperatures, and light breezes. I wanted to have an inviting, peaceful, beautiful, candlelit dinner party with my friends, and I settled on a Carolina blue, white, cream, and silver color scheme. Luckily, that was so simple to do, as I love whites and blues & have incorporated them into my decor/collection already. As I’ve mentioned in my tips for hosting a dinner party, good lighting is crucial to setting the mood! I love, love, love the feel of a dinner party with delicious food, flowing drinks, great conversation, and a soft, beautiful vibe. Enter candles galore on the table, along with plenty of fresh cream roses. It was a wonderful evening with some of my dearest friends, and it was simple (and fun!) to pull together.


Lots more helpful & fun tips for throwing a fabulous dinner party here!

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