Restaurant | Husk Charleston

I was in Charleston, South Carolina over Memorial Day weekend for one of my best friends’ weddings (more on that soon!), and we were able to snag brunch at the infamous Husk Restaurant in downtown Charleston. I was in food HEAVEN! And oh so very, very excited about this meal/experience. After hearing Southern Living, every other food magazine, many of my favorite bloggers, and lots of local friends rave and rave about Husk, I was absolutely thrilled that we had time in our schedule before the wedding to eat there!

Three of my best friends and I had a late brunch there, and it was one of those moments – a truly delicious meal, an incredible setting, and the best company. Check out the last picture in this post for my feelings about our meal at Husk! The weather in Charleston was perfect that weekend – 80s and sunny with practically no humidity (what?!). Husk is an all-around beautiful restaurant in an old white traditional-Charleston home with double porches. It’s nestled amongst the cobblestone streets, palm trees, and quaint Southern buildings of the city. I am slightly obsessed with porches (especially with the customary haint blue ceilings!), and this locale was perfection! The four of us were able to have brunch outside on the second story porch – I couldn’t have asked for a better or more picturesque dining location and view.

And then the food.. oh, the food. Of course, I had to have sweet tea (DC just doesn’t do sweet tea the way Southerners do it!). Fresh from the oven benne seed rolls with butter were served, and then out main courses arrived. My meal was absolutely divine, and I am still drooling just thinking about it! My brunch was BBQ glazed NC confit duck leg, Tennessee cheddar grits, kale and red pepper salad, and a  fried egg. YUM! Every single bite was marvelous, and it was so Southern, so fresh, and so local. I mean, really.. it was all amazing.

If you get a chance to visit Charleston (which is one of my favorite places in the world!), you must add Husk to your list! It is perfection.


Silliest picture of me (I don’t even remember it being taken!), but this clearly shows just how excited I was for our meal at Husk:


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