Local Farmer’s Market & Chopped Kale Salad

It’s the time of year again! I love the hustle and bustle of my local farmer’s market on an early Saturday morning.. it’s somehow a really peaceful experience while being surrounded by families and people. I think you just have to be happy when you’re at the farmer’s market! Strolling from booth to booth, sampling fresh breads and veggies and fruits and everything else, admiring all of the brightly colored flowers and the aromatic herbs, choosing the perfect ingredients for a later meal.. there’s so much to love about a local farmer’s market. I stopped by recently and picked up a mint plant (I’m trying my hand at a mini herb garden again this year) and lots of fresh veggies and fruits (kale, asparagus, and apples). I can’t wait for peaches and berries to really be in season!

Later that weekend, I whipped up a really delicious and fresh chopped kale salad with a homemade honey lemon vinaigrette. Delicious! I’ve learned that I enjoy kale much more when it’s finely chopped. I topped it with chopped almond, crumbled goat cheese, chopped apples, and dried cranberries. For the homemade vinaigrette, I combined a little local honey, olive oil, and fresh lemon juice with a dash of salt, pepper, and lemon rind. So easy & so delicious!

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