Spring Doins


I love the Spring Doin’ list created by Southern Weddings! I, too, love creating seasonal to-do lists, and theirs is so pretty and fun. Are there any Spring Doin’s that you’ve completed recently?! From the above list, I’ve crossed off:

sample new-to-you wines at a local vineyard

plant something (mint!)

explore a local botanical garden in bloom

do some Spring de-cluttering and donate gently used items

choose a horse and cheer him on in the Kentucky Derby

treat yourself to a bouquet of your favorite blooms

on a warm day, have a picnic

dye Easter eggs

send my mama a card for Mother’s Day

go to a cherry blossom festival

And I still really, really want to go strawberry picking! Anyone have a favorite strawberry picking farm/field in the Washington, DC area?!

How have you celebrated the arrival of Spring and the gorgeous weather? I’d love to hear what you’ve been up to lately!

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