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Top 5 Books from 9 inspiring ladies

via Val Marie Paper

The above information + book list is SO inspiring! You all know that I’m an avid reader and always have been. As much as I read, though, I’ve read very few of the books mentioned here, which is something that I must change immediately. So many of these nine women are creative women whom I admire greatly and have found so inspiring for so many years. I’ve followed along with Nancy Ray, Emily Ley, Rhi, & Caroline Joy for a long time, and their work, their attitudes, their habits, and their inspiration have greatly impacted me so much. It only makes sense that I dive into some of these books that they’ve listed here (via Valerie at Val Marie Paper) & soak up some of the goodness that has inspired and shaped them to be the women that they are today!

Are there any on these lists that you agree I must read now?! I’m having a hard time choosing the first couple books to begin with! And as much as Love Does (by Bob Goff) is repeatedly listed, I’ve read it and I just did not love it.

A couple of my Life-Changing Reads:

Screwtape Letters, C.S. Lewis

Mere Christianity, C.S. Lewis

Crazy Love, Francis Chan

A Purpose Driven Life, Rick Warren

The Reason for God, Tim Keller

As you can see, these are all Christian books, which I love! They have all taught me so much and kept me thinking. I definitely would like to add a more diverse array of books to my list of life-changing reads (business, time management, life improvement, leadership, etc) – and now is a good time to start… especially with a new business!

6 thoughts on “Inspiring Books

  1. Some great inspiring reads here! Another inspiring author of note: Anne Lamott Her latest is Stiches and is also the author of Help, Thanks, Wow. Both worthwhile. Shantaram – mentioned above – is quite an undertaking but well worth it. Thanks for the ideas, Stephanie!

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