Bringing Spring Indoors

Spring is finally almost here, despite the cold drizzle outside today. I know most everyone is just itching for warmer weather and sunshine… and all of the other goodness that Spring brings! I always associate fresh flowers and blooming plants with Springtime – fresh bouquets of tulips or peonies are one of the best things in life.

And year after year, every Spring, I try to bring the outdoors in by planting and growing (or rather, attempting to grow) fresh herbs. I feel so much more productive and better about life when I cook with fresh herbs – it feels so very grown-up and chic! However, every single year, I thoroughly kill my little herb garden. Last year’s attempt was the best so far (my basil lasted about three months, mint lasted one month, and cilantro last about a week)… but it was still fairly disastrous! Needless to say, I need some major help when it comes to growing (and keeping alive) my own little herb garden. I even buy the herbs that are already a blossoming plant from Trader Joe’s – you’d think I could manage to keep that alive, right? I’d love to hear any advice or tips you have for caring for herbs – sunlight, watering, etc… I’m determined to successfully use my herbs again this Spring and summer!

Maybe someday I’ll upgrade to an actual vegetable and flower garden… a girl can dream!

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