Calligraphy Workshop

Saturday afternoon, I had the pleasure of participating in an amazing calligraphy workshop with Lauren from Blue Eye Brown Eye & hosted by Southern Weddings in Chapel Hill (my home sweet home!). It was the perfect afternoon filled tons of learning + being creatively inspired!


Lauren is such an incredibly talented artist & calligrapher, and I was blown away by her skills and artistry! The class was held in the Love Ply studio space on Franklin Street, so it was nice and convenient. Ten ladies participated in each of the four workshops Lauren held throughout the the weekend, and the setup couldn’t have been any cuter! Southern Weddings provided an adorable food & drink table filled with sweet tea & lemonade (in our own little mason jars), key lime tarts, and pimiento cheese – yum! Lauren supplied us with all of the basic supplies for kicking off our calligraphy – and boy, did she package everything/arrange it all in such a cute manner!

Lauren taught us about the basic supplies + how to use them, showed all of us the proper technique for using all of the materials, and got us started right away with practicing (and practicing and practicing!) on our own. I LOVE that we use real ink – not an ink pen or a calligraphy marker, but a real pot of ink that we dipped our nibs into! I felt pretty legit. For the next three hours, Lauren instructed us (as a class and also one on one) on all of the lowercase letters of the alphabet. It really takes repetitious practice to master each stroke and each letter – and then finally you get the hang of it (at least a little!). I was amazed by how much I learned in such a short amount of time, considering I have done some calligraphy before + read a few books on calligraphy. There really is nothing like learning, in person, from an incredibly talented professional! I had so many a-ha moments and felt so relaxed and inspired throughout the entire class.


It was a sweet birthday present indeed, and I couldn’t sing the praises of Lauren’s calligraphy workshop any more! It was completely worth it, and really so inspiring. I can’t wait to continue to practice more and more – and hope to have calligraphy half as fluid and as beautiful one day. The other girls in the class were so sweet, too, and I know we all were able to learn and take home so much from this amazing workshop. I’m also thrilled Lauren from Blue Eye Brown Eye is going to be offering online courses in the near future! I can’t wait to learn even more from her soon. Such a marvelous afternoon!

7 thoughts on “Calligraphy Workshop

    1. It was SO amazing & I learned so much!! I’m addressing a client’s wedding invitations this weekend, so I’ll be sure to show you how it goes!

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