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I have long wanted to design a wedding inspired by cotton! This cotton boll wedding inspiration board brings that dream to life. I have long loved cotton and remember driving by cotton fields as a little girl in the South. A cotton field looks like a snow-covered winter wonderland to a Southerner who rarely sees snow, and cotton bolls are such beautiful nod to the history (good and bad), traditions, and aesthetic of the South.

Cotton bolls are slightly rustic and slightly elegant, and they’re the perfect symbol of the South. I love how natural and from-the-earth cotton is, and you can easily dress it up for a perfectly Southern wedding in a plethora of ways.

In my mind, as seen here, a cotton boll inspired wedding would be outdoors among the natural beauty of the landscape, where strong lights, candles, and lanterns would set the mood. Cotton bolls would subtly be woven into different aspects of the weddings, like in a dapper boutonniere or in the escort sign display. Gold, creams, and other natural colors would be incorporated into the wedding design, and this would play up the natural beauty and importance of the cotton boll.

The South

via Southern Weddings Shop

PS: Are there any brides out there who will kindly let me bring this design to life with a subtly cotton-based wedding design?!

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