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Happy Valentine’s Day! I hope you have a wonderful day celebrating love!!! Some love-inspired things this week…


This week, our small group ladies got busy crafting and drawing Valentines for dozens of children at Jill’s House! Jill’s House is an awesome facility and respite home for children with disabilities, and many of us have volunteered there before. It’s such a wonderful organization, and it was built by our church – so we were all so happy to be making Valentines for the kids there & spreading love to them for Valentine’s Day!


Downloads | Lara Casey Media

How great is it that God’s love for us never, ever fails?! This has always been one of my very favorite Bible verses (from 1 Corinthians), and I love this gold foil print by the incredibly inspiring Lara Casey. What a great reminder this is on the day of LOVE!



I received my anonymous Valentine in the mail this week (along with several other sweet notes of love!) – and I can’t wait to see my grandparents this weekend in Ohio. Fingers crossed the roads are fine with all the snow that’s fallen this week, but my bags are packed and I’m excited to visit with my wonderful grandparents and some other family in just a few hours.


How blessed am I to have the best family in the world?! I love how much we all love each other, unconditionally. I couldn’t pass up a chance to mention these lovely people on Valentine’s Day!

And I am eternally grateful for the many incredible friends that I have, near and far – this is one of my favorite pictures of my loves and me from our graduation. My friends show me love each and every day!


My sweet sister sent me a most-delicious Valentine gift! I think it was a close call, but I’m glad to know she loves me more than homemade chex mix!! Homemade chex mix is our family’s favorite treat, and we inhale it – so this is an especially lovely gesture!

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3 thoughts on “Five on Friday | Love

  1. Visiting from the link up. How awesome that you are making valentine’s for kiddos with disabilities! That is so nice and thoughtful of you guys. Many think of doing charitable things like that around Christmas but forget the other holidays.

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