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Happy Tuesday, friends! I know it’s cold everywhere, but man, it’s not my favorite thing to commute to work (via metro + walking downtown) in -14 degree windchill! However, I’m thankful I have a warm house + warm clothes to make this Polar Vortex a bit more bearable.

Some links I’m liking lately…

28 Signs You Went to UNC Chapel Hill

Carolina girl for life, right here! Number 11 (winning the National Championship in 2009) was a highlight of my young life, for sure. And regarding number 27, I definitely tear up every. single. time. that I hear Carolina In My Mind. UNC=the most incredible memories + friends, and this link hits the nail on the head.

So Long, FOMO – Here’s Why 2014 Will Be Year Of The JOMO

Do you/did you suffer from FOMO like I long have? (That would be the “fear of missing out”) I love this article, as I’m trying to learn how to say no a little more to things I just don’t want to do & to say yes (aka the “joy of missing out”) to doing what I want to do. You can certainly take either FOMO or JOMO to either extreme, but I believe life is finding that balance & doing what brings you joy. Hence, the blog name! Tastes and friends and lifestyles evolve, and you don’t need to do something just because you think you should. Do something because you want to & fully embrace the moments of life.

DC Calligraphy Workshop

Since one of my 2014 goals is to learn calligraphy, I’ve been looking around for different ways in which to actually do this! I found this local calligraphy workshop by the very talented calligrapher Laura Hooper, and it looks just wonderful. I’m hesitating some because of the financial investment involved, but it would be so wonderful to get hands on instruction and guidance from such a great calligrapher. Anyone else want to join me?

Thai Peanut Chicken Quinoa Bowls

I’m thinking this recipe looks delicious, and I’m planning on trying it out in the next week or two. Iowa Girl Eats has long been one of my very favorite food blogs, and she makes such accessible, tasty, and easy dishes full of color. I love pad thai, and this is a brilliant take on making it a bit healthier (and I love the addition of coleslaw mix and edamame). Can’t wait to check it out!

Jenna Lyons’ Home

Take a peek into famous designer Jenna Lyons’ “totally modern timelessness” home in New York. It’s totally inspiring & is filled with such contrast, too. I especially love the antique fireplaces in her home and the way she uses extremes when it comes to decor and design.

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