All-Things-Christmas Party

I love hosting our annual all-things-Christmas party at our house! Why not cram together all the best things of Christmas into one lovely evening with your girlfriends?! We had a hot chocolate bar, endless Christmas cookies, pajamas, and a Christmas movie – we voted on The Holiday this time!

It was a wonderful way to wrap up a hectic weekend, and I am so blessed by such amazing, fun friends, too! We set up a hot chocolate bar (accompanied by hot tea and port), and everyone was asked to bring a batch or two of a favorite Christmas cookies. We ended up with more than enough and had a huge variety of delicious desserts – chai eggnog cookies, peppermint brownies, Christmas sugar cookies, chocolate chip cookies, M&M cookies, rice krispy treats, gingerbread cookies, and so many more! At the end of the night, everyone got to take home as many cookies as they wanted, and then we packaged up the rest to give out to neighbors and coworkers! Once the sugar coma hit, we settled in to watch a Christmas movie by the light of the Christmas tree – magical, indeed!

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