Handmade Christmas Cards


One of my favorite aspects of Christmas each year is coming home to a mailbox full of Christmas cards from friends and family, near and far. I just love receiving Christmas cards in the mail! I have a little tradition of sending out handmade Christmas cards each year to my friends and family, and it’s fun to scheme and design the cards leading up to Christmas. I just love the idea of sending out picture Christmas cards, but alas, I have no husband (or pet), so I avoid doing that! I love when couples celebrate their first married Christmas, as it’s so fun to see which wedding picture(s) they’ve selected for their cards. Here are a couple examples of cards that I’ve made & sent out in the past couple years!






On another note, does anyone have a great suggestion for how to hang or display their Christmas cards each year? Lately I’ve been stringing them along the fireplace mantel using ribbon and glittered clothespins, but I’d love suggestions for another way to display them!

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