Recent Happenings

A few random things happening in my world lately…

1. My dear friend Kellyn got engaged! I’m so excited for Kellyn + Jeff on their engagement, & I can’t wait for their sure-to-be gorgeous wedding.

2. Suzanne, Alicia, and I ventured to Richmond, VA (my first time stopping there!) very early one Saturday morning to cheer on Allie and Lindsey (and some other friends!) at their half-marathon! The best part… they had no idea we were coming & were so surprised!

3. My Aunt Susan and Bridgette came to DC for the day! We had fun exploring Eastern Market together – such a treat.

4. Allison and Kathryn hosted an amazing Friendsgiving dinner. I’m hungry just thinking about all of the amazing food that we ate!

5. Several of us went out (on a Monday night, no less!) to the rooftop bar, POV, at the W Hotel for an evening of fancy drinks and awesome views of the White House!

6. Pretty shots of life around DC in the last few days:

7. Homemade chocolate chip pumpkin breads were delivered to friends, neighbors, and coworkers

8. We went to see Catching Fire… and it was amazing. Seriously, so, so good. And it didn’t hurt that the Courthouse movie theater has leather recliners!

9. One of my wonderful friends, Megan, had a baby girl just a couple days ago! We got to visit mama and baby in the hospital the next day. Baby girl is absolutely perfect and so precious… I love being an honorary auntie to that sweetheart!

10. I’m seriously counting down the hours til Thanksgiving break begins!! (1:00pm Wednesday, in case you’re wondering) I’m venturing to Ohio to see all of these fabulous people (and several more, too!)… and I simply cannot WAIT to see my family!

Hope you have a happy, joy-filled Thanksgiving!

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