2014 Calendars

Are you a paper calendar/planner sort of person? For years, I loved having my weekly agendas to handwrite all upcoming events and to-do tasks, but in the past couple years, I keep my calendar solely on my phone (or my work electronic calendar). This is more for convenience’s sake and functionality, since my iPhone is always with me and I can check my schedule on the go.

BUT I have a deep, deep love for beautiful paper calendars! I seriously adore paper goods + am a perpetual planner… which means monthly calendars are right up my alley. Gold lettering/gold foil, original artistry, inspiring quotes or illustrations… yep, I’m a little addicted to paper calendars.

Here is a roundup of a few of my favorites for kicking 2014 off right!



1 – 2 – 3 – 4

Clearly, Paper Source is my go-to for calendars. I could spend hours (and countless dollars) in that store! Is it wrong to have multiple calendars just because they’re all so pretty?! I think any/all of these calendars will be making their way onto my Christmas wish list…

2 thoughts on “2014 Calendars

  1. I’ve been wanting a really good planner… I’ve been slacking so much on updating electronically and am not even using a calendar or planner (besides for work purposes). Ideas for ones that are affordable?! I want one that I can write a lot in, so not a wall or desk calendar but a carry-with-me planner. I don’t even have a Paper Source to go to :(.

    1. I have a Paper Source, if you ever need me to pick you up a calendar! My favorite planner is a Lilly Pulitzer planner (http://www.lillypulitzer.com/product/2014-Large-Agenda/6505.uts) – it’s pretty perfect. Emily Ley also has good planners (http://www.emilyley.com/collections/simplified-planners), and there are some Sugar Paper ones at Target that I love (https://sugarpaper.com/blog/2013/sugar-paper-target/). Hope this helps some.. usually book stores and Target have a good selection of affordable planners!

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