Let Love Guide Us | Etsy Shop

Hooray!!! My fabulous sister Bridgette has opened her darling Etsy shop, Let Love Guide Us! Her new shop is filled with hand-embossed (raised texture) paper goods, note cards, and stationery - and it is all fantastic. She is so talented and creative, and I love how unique her handmade paper good are! For Christmas, Bridgette used her … Continue reading Let Love Guide Us | Etsy Shop

2014 Calendars

Are you a paper calendar/planner sort of person? For years, I loved having my weekly agendas to handwrite all upcoming events and to-do tasks, but in the past couple years, I keep my calendar solely on my phone (or my work electronic calendar). This is more for convenience's sake and functionality, since my iPhone is … Continue reading 2014 Calendars