Jazz in the Sculpture Garden

You know summertime has arrived in Washington when Jazz in the Sculpture Garden starts back up! It’s my very favorite way to spend an early Friday evening in the city (and most 20-somethings in the city agree!).

One of my favorite perks of my job is getting off work at 3:00pm every Friday – this is so helpful with all of the weekend traveling I’ve been doing, and it’s nice to kick off Jazz a little early, too! Every Friday during the summer, the city flocks to the Sculpture Garden, right at the Smithsonian National Gallery of Art & at the base of the National Archives. What an amazing setting! It’s right on the National Mall, and the garden is filled with really cool sculptures and a huge fountain (that doubles as an ice skating rink in the winter).

Bring your friends, a blanket, and a picnic (you can buy really good sangria there!) and settle in the listen to live jazz band in the garden! It’s always packed and such a fun atmosphere (and totally free, unless you buy sangria!).

I’ve been out of town almost every weekend this summer, so I have yet to hit up Jazz in the Sculpture Garden this year! But I seriously can’t wait for a free Friday evening in August to get back here.

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