Great Film Photographers

image via Jen Huang

Over the last couple years, I have loved witnessing the growth of film photography, particularly within the wedding industry. Digital photography was, of course, the norm in recent memory, but so many of the best and most pioneering photographers and artists have delved back into the world of film. And boy is that world beautiful! I have swooned over the images produced by countless photographers, and film scans are so incredibly dreamy, vibrant, and rich. Film scans from great photographers are so aesthetically pleasing, organic, and airy while having such depth to them. And I simply love film.

image via Jose Villa

I think it’s likely that many people can’t tell much of a difference between digital photography and film photography, but there is definitely a world of difference, if you look for it! It’s been really enlightening following along to these artists and photographers who have brought film back (not that it was ever completely gone!)… and now film is so sought after. Many wedding magazines, companies, and even brides are solely seeking out film photography. I really love how Nancy Ray writes about her decision to switch back to film and the heart behind her business.

If you’re looking for an amazing film wedding photographer, here are my ultimate inspirations…

Jose Villa

Jen Huang

Graham Terhune

Nancy Ray

Ryan Ray

Tec Petaja

Tanja Lippert

Nancy Ray Photography
image via Nancy Ray
sunset portrait
image via Tanja Lippert


image via Tec Petaja


I also love this article on the great film vs. digital debate! So, what do you think? Do you have a preference for film or digital wedding photography? There are so many incredible photographers & artists, and it was difficult to narrow down my list!

Swoon-worthy Wedding

I saw this wedding featured on Southern Weddings by Nancy Ray Photography (one of my favorite NC wedding photographers), and it is stunning! This wedding is right up my alley with its fabulous Southern style, gold glitter accents, romantic lighting, and Fearrington setting. I wanted to share this beautiful wedding with you, and I hope you feel inspired, too!

The above image is one of the best wedding photos I’ve ever seen – I believe I gasped out loud when I saw it for the first time! This couple looks so in love, of course, and every detail is perfection. I’m a little obsessed with the gold glitter linens!

You can check out the entire blog post here! The gorgeous styling & work done by one of my favorite wedding planners, Erin McLean.