Wedding Invitation Trends | Basic Invite

Invitations are the first impression that your guests have of your wedding, which means it is so important to make them embody you and your wedding perfectly! Throughout your entire wedding, you want to ensure you have a visually cohesive design that’s reflective of your wedding, including florals, attire, decor, invitations, all day-of paper goods, and more. So many details and decisions go into a wedding day! Picking wedding invitations can be such a daunting and overwhelming task, for sure. There are hundreds of options on the market, and narrowing it down can be quite difficult. There are custom or bespoke wedding invitation design companies to sort through and choose from, many paper goods businesses offer semi-custom designs, and then there are online websites that offer fully customizable wedding invitation suites and paper goods. Basic Invite is a great company to help you make your wedding invitation journey a breeze!

Basic Invite is a wedding stationery brand that allows you to fully customize and design your wedding stationery from start to finish, an aspect that many brides prefer and love. They have endless color options, styles, sets and trends to choose from, and their products and designs are absolutely gorgeous! Not only are their invites luxurious and unique, but their website is also incredibly user friendly. It makes choosing your wedding invites fun, and you truly get to personalize every aspect of your invitation suite.

How gorgeous are these invitation suites?! They are all so unique, which is ideal for brides looking for affordable one-of-a-kind invitations without a hefty price tag of completely custom invitations from a bespoke designer and artist. Whether you’re looking for a classic or fresh or trendy or clean look, their curated collection of wedding invitations is just for you. Basic Invites has endless options of timeless styles, and they also have designs that are a little more trendy, if you’re in the market for that.

There are a few wedding invitation trends that are everywhere in the wedding world right now, and many of these you’ve likely seen this year. The first trend is rose gold details (or rose gold anything!). This trend is a funky spin on a standard gold metallic that adds an unexpected, fun, and glamorous element to printed piece or stationery design. Metallic foil has been around for a few years, but rose gold foil is gaining popularity quickly! Basic Invite has just launched their rose gold foil invites, and we are swooning over so many of their bridal invitations, wedding designs, and customizable details.2017-Foil-Homepage-Banner

The next trend in the wedding invitations is calligraphy. Of course, calligraphy isn’t new to the world of wedding invitations and isn’t a new-to-us feature… but it’s definitely on the “hot” list these days! We are seeing calligraphy all over the place, which we absolutely love. In the past, a professional calligrapher was hired to create a custom invitation with ink, but now there is a vast array of calligraphy fonts that can be utilized for a less expensive alternative (and with a much faster turnaround time). There are so many marvelous, glamorous, Southern, elegant calligraphy fonts to choose from, and adding calligraphy to your invitation suite gives it a lighter and more sophisticated feel that is wonderfully elegant and classic – but with a certain freshness to it!

One style that you will also see on Basic Invite is the idea of color coordinated/corresponding envelopes! Basic Invite is perfect if you are looking to add an extra touch to your invitations by veering from a traditional white envelope. They have over forty envelopes colors to choose from, ensuring that every invitations suite will have a perfectly complementary envelope to match its design! Adding colorful envelopes gives your guests a touch of your wedding before they even open the invite, and it helps showcase the cohesiveness of your wedding design and color palette.

The last trend is acrylic invitations, which is also my favorite trend right now! So unexpected, modern, and creative, right?! Acrylic (or clear) is all the rage right now, and adding this trendy element to your wedding invites is jaw-dropping and will definitely wow your wedding guests. You definitely have to check out these modern, fresh, unexpected acrylic wedding designs that Basic Invite is highlighting, as they’re sure to set the tone for the rest of your wedding and leave your guests excited to see the rest of your wedding design!

How incredible are these styled acrylic invites?! I am obsessed with all of them! The beauty of the acrylic invite is that your options are limitless. They allow you to add outside organic or natural elements to your invitations when styling them (such as the featured wood grain and marble), or you can make it simple and just include colored paper to put your acrylic invite in front of. And think of how many other places you can carry the acrylic design through with other details and design elements! From acrylic table numbers to place cards to an escort display to drink/signature cocktail menus to acrylic chairs for guests at dinner… there are so many ways to creatively bring in this beautiful, moden trend into various corners of your wedding design, starting with your invitations.

One of the very best perks of selecting a site like Basic Invite is that they address your envelopes for you! This saves so much time and money, and it’s so easy to do. As a bride, you can use their in-house address collection system, track down addresses of all of your guests, and then they print your guests’ addresses on your envelopes for you. Simple and oh so effective!

Above all, though, your wedding invitations should mirror the two of you, what’s most important to you, and the overall design and aesthetic of your wedding. It is your guests’ first look at what your wedding will be like, and you want it to be a “wow” moment when they open their mailbox. Basic Invites is such a wonderful website and company to find your perfect wedding invitation suite, simplify and streamline the process for you at an affordable price, and allow you to customize so many aspects of your dream invitation!

Thanks so much to Basic Invite for partnering with me on this post; all opinions are fully my own!

Pinterest Inspired Outdoor Wedding Inspiration

I’m back with another Pinterest inspired wedding space but this time I want to step it up a notch! Last time I focused on a room with feminine details that were easily translated into wedding design. I took a few colors and vibes and turned it into feminine and classic wedding details. This time I want to take a space with more natural elements and a more casual vibe that will be the perfect inspiration for your southern outdoor reception!

blog inspo 2

Let’s take this stunning entry way/living room. This room has a warm feel with the neutrals, wood detail and hints of green and blue. Amazing, right?! The pieces I would pull from this to focus on in your wedding design are natural woods, white/cream, greenery, hints of blue and of course the copper/wrought iron.

These elements scream outdoor venue to me, so for this design I am going to plan it around an outdoor reception space. Let’s first take the wood details that are so prevalent in this inspiration. For a wedding you might be stumped (wood puns!) on how to incorporate wood without it being too “outdoorsy.” Here are a few stunning ways to incorporate wood into your design while still keeping your design feminine and clean.

These gorgeous wood table numbers, centerpieces vessels, and welcome signs would add perfect touches to your venue. If you want to dive even more into the natural feel, a stunning wood farm table with clean white place settings would be flawless. With most of these elements, you can see the touches of green that are picked up in the inspiration coming through with greenery, which makes the wood pop even more.

Next, let’s hone in on the wrought iron and copper that are picked up in the inspiration through the chandelier, the copper bucket, and the flower vase.

Now, every girl with a Pinterest has swooned over the Moscow Mule cups, and if you are looking to tie in a copper element to your wedding this is the perfect way to do it. They add the perfect southern flair and the sweetest touch to your table design. This copper leaf cake is equally charming and adds something so unique to your cake design. Now, these wrought iron lanterns (while slightly more rustic) are stunning paired with candles either as a centerpiece or on cocktail tables, food tables, etc.

If you’re a simple gal, this sweet pairing of wood, copper and greenery might be perfect for you… but if you’re looking to take your design even further and hone in on those blues that are featured in your inspiration, then keep reading!

The blue that is picked up in the rug and artwork is so subtle but adds depth and interest to the room. And it can certainly do the same for your reception space! Adding the extra color element can really enhance your design and take your already stunning decor and take it to the next level. Besides, every wedding needs that something blue!

Let’s start with this gorgeous vintage glassware! It is absolutely stunning, whether you use it as drinking glasses or additions to your centerpieces they add the most timeless and charming detail. Personally, blue flowers can come off as a little tacky, especially if done the wrong way. However, blue hydrangeas will never get old! They are the daintiest southern touch, and if you’re looking for a hint of blue, they make the sweetest floral addition. If you’re looking for a more classic route to your blue, then these soft cocktail table linens are so charming and effortless.

What do you think?! Is there another home or room design that you’re been inspired by lately? We’d love to hear if you have a favorite interior design that you’d like to see translated into a wedding design!