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I love seeing such a resurgence of the color yellow in weddings and design, and putting together an inspiration board featuring this happy color was so much fun! My very favorite color as a little girl was yellow (and is my mom’s favorite color!), and I’m thrilled to see yellow  having its moment in weddings again. It’s that perfect pop of a summery vibe (or autumnal, depending on the shade), and it’s such a juicy, happy color. I love that yellow can either be a bold statement or a mellowing, cohesive design color. Done correctly, yellow can be elegant, understated yet eye-catching, organic, and interesting, all at once. Whether you bring in yellow as the base of your color palette for your wedding or have more of a yellow moment in a particular detail or to make a bouquet pop a bit more with a depth of palette, I’m enamored with this hue for weddings.

What do you think? Growing up, I was set on having bridesmaids wearing yellow gowns (I went with two shades of dusty blue instead!), and it’s not a color I’ve designed with too much in recent years. I did feature a couple pops of yellow flowers into my bridal bouquet, and I designed this tablescape this past summer to include sunny pops of yellow, which I adore. I’m excited to see yellow popping up again! Done correctly, I find it to be such a beautiful, happy tone to incorporate into sophisticated, elegant wedding designs. What do you think?

design by Stephanie Shaul Events

One thought on “Mellow Yellow | Inspiration Board

  1. This is such a cheery and beautiful board, Steph! I too, love yellow and especially so when spring starts to show her face around here (we are a bit behind you on the changing-weather spectrum). We did a wedding a few years ago and the color palette was similar to the above; what a breath of fresh air!

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