Bride Spotlight: Sarah W

Sarah & Brandon

It’s here, it’s here!! Happiest of wedding weeks to Sarah and Brandon! Hooray! I am so unbelievably excited for Sarah and Brandon to be married in just a few days and to get to celebrate with so many of their loved ones here in Raleigh at the Merrimon Wynne! I know they have been anticipating these days and these moments for so long, and it’s incredibly exciting that their wedding week is officially here. Have I mentioned how much I adore Sarah and Brandon?! Planning with Sarah has been one of the greatest joys and delights of my wedding planning career, and I often tell my husband that I feel like Sarah and I are kindred spirits. I absolutely hope we all keep in touch long after their wedding day is over! The second Sarah and I chatted on the phone when they first got engaged, I knew that this would be an incredible fit – and it has been in every way. Sarah and Brandon have a similar dating story to the two of us, which I also love, and these two are some of the most genuine, gracious, loving, kind, thoughtful people I know. Sarah and Brandon have been so amazing to work with as we’ve planned their wedding, and their love for one another and for their people is so beautiful to witness! They light up in each others’ presence, they talk about their families and friends with such love and heart, and their faith is so palpable and evident. Sarah and Brandon’s ceremony is going to be such a special, personalized, faith-filled, and joyous time that reflects who they are as a couple, their hearts and faith, and God’s abundant, unconditional love for all of us. I already know there are going to be so many happy tears and big smiles as Sarah and Brandon become husband and wife & celebrate with their family and friends!

On a design note, I couldn’t be more ecstatic about their wedding design and details! It’s so different (in the best way possible!) than what I’ve done in a long time (there’s not a hint of dusty blue or blush!), and I am smitten with every stunning, intentional, meaningful, and all around gorgeous detail that we’ve cohesively pulled together for Sarah and Brandon’s wedding day! I’ve designed with a color palette of neutrals and greens (like champagne, taupe, white, black, moss, sage, & olive), rich and memorable textures (velvet, satin, & tone on tone patterns), an abundance of organic greenery & flowering branches & potted herbs & lush, soft blooms, a sophisticated and polished aesthetic that’s fun and personalized, a plethora of romantic candlelight, modern black & white stationery and signage, and so many thoughtful, unique touches that really reflect Sarah and Brandon as a couple. I am giddy thinking about it all and filled with so much anticipation to see it all come together for them this weekend! I adore Sarah’s style and aesthetic, and it’s been incredibly fun dreaming up and designing all of these large and small details and design elements to make it a really magical, meaningful, beautiful day for them and their beloved families and friends. Sarah and Brandon have really placed an emphasis on the guest experience, celebrating their community, and ensuring that their families and friends are loved well every step of the way, which is such a testament to who Sarah and Brandon are and what’s most important to them.

Sarah & Brandon

We’re also working with so many of my very favorite creative partners and vendors for their wedding, so you know it’s going to be gorgeous and memorable. There are some sweet, fun touches in store for Sarah and Brandon’s wedding guests!

I know it’s going to be an incredibly joyful, meaningful, and truly memorable first day of marriage as Sarah and Brandon are married and celebrated by their loved ones! It has been such an honor and joy to be a part of their wedding planning process and to get to know them throughout their engagement. These two are incredibly genuine, thoughtful, dedicated, passionate, loving people who clearly bring out the best in one another. It’s such a long-awaited occasion to celebrate with their beloved family and friends and to kick off married life for them in such a special, heartfelt, memorable, and meaningful way. Sarah and Brandon, your wedding week is finally here, and I hope you feel nothing but an abundance of love, excitement, and joy as you two are married and are celebrated with such profound joy and excitement! You were clearly made for one another, and your love is so inspiring.

I’m so excited to share Sarah’s bride spotlight with you today, where you can learn more about Sarah & Brandon, their love story, and what they’re most excited about on their wedding day and for their wedding! Their love simply radiates in their engagement session by the truly wonderful Ally & Bobby Photography — swoon!

Sarah & Brandon

Tell us about you and your fiancé, Brandon, and more about your love story.

We met in June 2020. Our first date was at Dos Taquitos (one of the few restaurants open for dine-in at that point in the pandemic). The first date went so well that we scheduled a second date for three days later and have been together ever since. Brandon proposed in October 2021 on our first visit to Duke Gardens together. He did an excellent job of hiding his intentions (and the ring in a cooler), telling me to look nice because the restaurant we were headed to for dinner was going to have a professional photographer for a “promotional event.” I followed directions and we stopped by Duke Gardens for a quick stroll before the dinner reservation. Brandon led me through a previously-scoped out part of the park and, on a bridge overlooking a Michigan-like pine tree vista, he got down on one knee!

Sarah & Brandon

What are you most excited for about your wedding day? Do you have a moment of your wedding day that you’re most anticipating?

For me, I’m most excited about finally being married! It seems like it’s been such a long time coming, but also snuck up so quickly! One of the moments I’m most looking forward to is sitting down to dinner with my new husband and looking out to see all of the people we love the most celebrating and breaking bread with us.

Sarah & Brandon

What was your biggest inspiration for your wedding design & look? Do you have a favorite part of your wedding design?

I love the overall aesthetic and can’t wait to see it on the big day!  Sophisticated greenery, rich fabrics, candlelit tables, satin and black tie… can. not. wait.

What has been the biggest surprise in the wedding planning process?

How awesome it is to have the best wedding planner ever?! But seriously… Stephanie is the absolute best encourager and is so supportive and willing to help in any way possible to make our (my) wedding dreams happen.  She’s a rock star.

Sarah & Brandon

Are you doing a first look or saving it for walking down the aisle? 

First look! I think I might melt into a happy-tear puddle walking down the aisle without being able to see each other first.

Sarah & Brandon

What do you and Brandon love to do together? 

We both love being outdoors, watching sports, traveling, and adventuring.

Sarah & Brandon

Describe your wedding design and aesthetic!

Stephanie says it best: Classic and romantic yet polished, fresh, and fun

Sarah & Brandon

What is your favorite thing about Brandon? 

Oh my gosh, it’s hard to pick a single favorite thing! I wouldn’t trade his smile for anything. And I love to make him laugh, just to see that smile.

Stayed tuned this weekend for lots of sneak peeks of Sarah & Brandon’s wedding over on my Instagram! I already can’t wait to see it all come to life for them as we celebrate this joyous, gorgeous day for one extraordinary couple!

all photos by the incomparable Ally & Bobby Photography

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