Strawberry Picking & Strawberry Recipes

Strawberry season is here! Rob and I were so excited to go strawberry picking a few days ago, as it’s one of our favorite annual traditions – and we had really missed going last year! We found a new-to-us strawberry farm (Pope’s Strawberry Farm in Knightdale, for anyone local to the Raleigh area) that we loved so much. It was such a fun start to our day date, too, and I’m so grateful to have a husband totally on board and even happy about going strawberry picking. When we went, we had the entire field to ourselves and enjoyed a slightly cooler morning before the sun really came out. In years past, I remember always sweating so much and getting a sunburn, so we were really happy to go earlier in the day – and in such peace. I also loved that their strawberry fields were bordered by the happiest flowers, and you could even take stems home with you. The berries were so plentiful and incredibly red, sweet, and perfectly ripe, and we had no trouble filling our basket up very quickly. We’re already planning on going back again this week since we just finished up our delicious strawberry haul. Truly, is there anything more delicious than a bright red strawberry freshly picked off the vine and still warm from the sun?!

And, as always, one of the very best part of picking all of those fresh and delectable strawberries is eating them, baking with them, and making cocktails! Last year, when my sister and brother-in-law (and their baby!) lived with us during the height of the pandemic, we undertook this epic strawberry cooking challenge. It was truly one of the highlights of quarantine together – and really of our entire year! We’ve had a lot of practice cooking and baking with strawberries since they were used in all four courses, and that post details the recipes we used and the incredibly beautiful dinner table we set. This Spring, Rob and I have already made homemade strawberry ice cream (WOW was it incredible) and our annual favorite Smitten Kitchen strawberry cake. Other strawberry recipes we’ve made & loved – our are planning on making very soon! – include this strawberry cake with strawberry cream cheese icing, strawberry shortcake with homemade whipped cream, strawberries and cream scones, and strawberry bellinis.

Have you been able to go strawberry picking this spring?! Do you have any treasured recipes featuring strawberries? I’m always on the hunt for more desserts and recipes, so please do share!

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