The Best Games for Two

Rob and I have always loved playing games and board games, both long before we ever met each other and, of course, love playing them together now! Some may call me competitive, but I don’t think I’m really that competitive, right?! Ha! Anyway, in years past, we hosted game nights or went to our friends’ homes for game nights all the time, and playing board games with our friends and family has always been a part of who we are as a couple. We even made sure to register for a slew of board games when we got married, and our board game closet is absolutely overflowing. And yes, we do have an entire closet dedicated to board games (and my random candle collection)!

These days, in the middle of an ongoing pandemic and given the fact that it’s winter, we play games with each other all the time. We find games to be such a good alternative to TV (though we do plenty of that!), a good stretching of our minds, and a really fun way to connect with each other. We’ve instituted a standing Friday date night consisteing of takeout from a local restaurant and a board game this winter, and we regularly keep a stack of our favorite games out on our dining room table to encourage ourselves to play games often. It really is one of our favorite ways to spend an hour or two together. Whether you’re cooped up a bit more than usual with a roommate or significant other, here is a list of our very favorite board games for two!

our favorite games for two:

I would highly, highly recommend any and all of the above games, and we thoroughly enjoy each of them for various reasons. You can probably tell that Rob is quite the board game aficionado, and he’s opened my eyes up to dozens of games that I’d never heard of before! He and his friends are very serious about their games.

Are there any that stand out to you as a favorite in your household? Are there are that are missing from our list? We’re always up for trying out new games that have been recommended to us, so I’m all ears!

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8 thoughts on “The Best Games for Two

  1. Some of the two person board and card games we’ve enjoyed during this time include Abalone, Chai, Choose Your Own Adventure, Forbidden Island (as well as Forbidden Desert), Patchwork, Quarto, Quirkle, Scrabble (my favourite!), Sushi Go!, Tokaido, Timeline, and Villainous. We tend to play games on Tuesday nights so it’s a fun way to break up our weeknights.

    1. So many amazing sounding recommendations; thank you!! We’ve played a couple of them, but I’ve never heard of a few of your favorites, too. I’m checking them all out now! I also love the idea of breaking up your weeknights with a game night – we often finish up work, go for a walk before it’s dark, play a game, and then cook dinner together.

  2. Ohhhh this reminds me of a post Em did last year maybe? And I thought, man we need to really get on the game-for-two wagon. How fun! Maybe this is just the push us Bosses need!

    1. Oh yes! I’ve had this post in my draft folder since last winter – ha! We REALLY love playing games together, and I think you two would, too!! It makes an ordinary evening feel a little more special and noteworthy.

  3. Azul is really fun and unique! I got it for my hubby for Christmas and it is 2-4 players. We also play bananagrams!

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