Quarantine Dinner Tables

These past few weeks have been interesting times, to say the least, and in an effort to bring a little more beauty and joy into our every day lives, I’ve had great fun in setting the dinner table for us. This isn’t anything too different than our usual, as I’ve always believed in the power of infusing our every day lives with meaningful and memorable moments, as well as doing what I can to use my creativity and what I have at my fingertips to bring as much beauty into our corner of the world. With all of these weeks at home and in the company of each other, I’ve intentionally tried to set the table for the two of us, rather than just eat a hurried meal on the couch. Savoring quality time together, no matter what we’re doing or what we’re eating, is one of our truest forms of joy, and thankfully, we’ve been enjoying that in abundance this season. If you know me at all, you know just how much I love a myriad of things: meals outside, time with my husband, setting the table, fresh flowers, decorating and hosting, cooking and baking, and lingering over long meals with those I love. Since we can’t host for others during this season, I can still tap into all of these things that I love and bring me joy, regardless!

While this isn’t anything particularly momentous, I do know how much I cherish time together with my husband (and maybe you feel similarly about your spouse, children, roommates, or whomever you are spending your days with)! Setting the table, eating outside when the weather is nice, cooking dinner together, and taking a pause in the day to sit together, have long conversations, and to really connect is something I look forward to all day. Dreaming up the pretty dinner table details challenges me to think creatively during a hard season, and it’s great fun for me – I usually fall asleep trying to distract myself by dreaming of tablescape ideas and little touches for our next dinner. And all of these dinners at home feel just a bit more special with a tad more effort, as well! As always, I’m abundantly grateful that we are able to eat dinners together at home, which I very much realize isn’t a reality everyone is living right now. We’re trying to do the best we can, where we are, with what we have, like everyone!

I shared this on my Instagram last week, and I wanted to share it here, too:

I think it would be really fun to challenge YOU to use what you already have to set your own tables for a meal or two — and share it! Whether it’s breakfast or dinner, for yourself or for your roommate or a date night in, whether you learn a new recipe or make frozen pizza… share a “tablescape” with me for a fun creative challenge and instant mood brightener! You can tag me or message me a picture, and I’ll share it. Use flowers or greenery from your yard, pull out a pretty tablecloth (or get creative and use a beautiful bedsheet or table runner or placemats!), use that china that is gathering dust, pull out some pretty candles… the possibilities are endless. Shop what you already own and be creative with what you have, and have fun with it! I can’t wait to see what you dream up, as well as to encourage you to sit down and savor dinnertime, conversations (even if it’s via FaceTime or Zoom!), and the beauty that surrounds us.

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