A Mauve Moment


It’s been a while since I’ve put together a mood board and wedding design just for the fun of it! I’ve been majorly crushing on mauve over the past year (something I would never have thought circa 2012!), and it’s the perfect dusty rose hue that’s elegant, understated, eye-catching, organic, and interesting, all at once. Whether you bring in mauve as the base of your color palette for your wedding or have more of a mauve moment in a particular detail, I’m enamored with this hue for weddings!

What do you think? I used to equate the color mauve with grandmotherly touches and old timey things, but it’s definitely made a resurgence in recent years. Done correctly, I find it to be such a beautiful tone to incorporate into sophisticated, elegant wedding designs… it’s like blush’s chic older cousin in the city!

design by Stephanie Shaul Events

2 thoughts on “A Mauve Moment

  1. I ADORE this color, so much so, it’s a huge inspiration in not only floral selections I’ve been making recently but the soaps I gravitate toward designing! Such a beautiful board, Steph!

    1. You use this color so perfectly throughout so much of your work, and I always admire it!! Thank you tons, friend. I’m so, so, so excited for your next steps — absolutely cheering you on in all things!! xoxox

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