Milestone birthday book


We’re celebrating Rob’s birthday this weekend, which is always one of my favorite things to celebrate!! Growing up (and still to this day), my family made birthdays so special, and you all know I’m a lifelong lover of meaningful, fun celebrations. Last year, when Rob turned 30, I really wanted to celebrate this milestone birthday in a special, memorable way, and we spent the whole weekend doing all of his favorite things with so many of his favorite people – and we are going to do similarly again this weekend!

For Rob’s 30th birthday last year, I reached out to many of his friends and our family and asked them all to write a little note to Rob so that I could compile all of these letters into a photo book to commemorate his 30th… and also to be a constant reminder of the man that he is and the many lives he’s impacted! I asked everyone to share what they admire about him, a favorite memory (or two), and birthday wishes for this new decade. My sister had done the same thing a year prior with her husband (also named Rob!), and I knew this was something I wanted to bookmark for when my Rob turned 30. And I’m so, so glad that I did!

Reading the heartfelt, hilarious, thoughtful letters from our wonderful family members and friends, while also compiling photos from Rob’s entire life, both brought me to happy tears and also left me feeling just so wildly thankful for our community — and for who Rob is. Surprising him with this book on his 30th birthday was something so unexpected and so memorable! I love that he has letters from so many of the people that mean the most to him, all sharing how he has touched their lives, happy memories they share, and how loved he is. Rob was so, so touched. This is such a priceless gift, and he’s definitely going to be re-reading it this birthday, too!

What’s the most thoughtful gift you’ve received? I’m personally on the hunt for the most meaningful, thoughtful baby shower gift, so I’m all ears if you have any creative ideas!

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