“Coffee Meets Bagel” Date


Three years ago today, I signed up for Coffee Meets Bagel, an online dating app… and Rob was my very first match on my very first day on that app. In honor of our three year anniversary of this auspicious matching, we celebrated early this morning with none other than coffee and bagels together, which has become a fun little tradition of ours!

We’re rapidly approaching our two year anniversary of marriage (this weekend!), and I simply love our love story. In case you didn’t know (or if you need encouragement or a push!), I’m clearly a fan of online dating — it’s how we met! Honestly, I barely remember that we met online, and whenever people ask how we met, we enthusiastically share all the details. I’ve divulged all those details here on the blog throughout the years, so you can head over here to read the whole story!

I can’t even begin to express how grateful I am that my first match on the first day I signed up was Rob — my now-husband and the one I love most in the world. I can’t wait for a lifetime of coffee and bagels together, and this year we’re excited to share this breakfast tradition in our first house!

Now tell me… how did you and your significant other meet? Do you know of anyone else who has met online? I must say, at least a dozen of my closest friends have met their husbands online, and we have two more friend weddings this year for couples who have met online!

2 thoughts on ““Coffee Meets Bagel” Date

  1. My husband and I first met a few years before we started dating. He and my sister were both lifeguards. My sister needed someone to be her drowning victim for a recertification that he was overseeing, so I was introduced to my now husband after pretending to drown and be rescued by my sister! She (and her best friend, who is my husband’s cousin) ended up setting us up on a blind date later on and the rest is history!

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