Personal Goals Recap 2017

2017 is drawing to a close, and I love having a written record of the years to look back upon and remember. Sometimes it’s also crazy to think I’ve been blogging for almost five years now! I think 2017 will go down as one of the very best years imaginable, and I feel so, so profoundly blessed and grateful. I wanted to do a quick recap of how 2017 turned out for me personally (apart from Stephanie Shaul Events), goals-wise.

I broke this down into things that I’m really proud of me (and us!) for accomplishing this year, though I’m by no means even close to perfect. At the end of the day, though, it’s not perfection I strive for: it’s the heart behind my actions, the journey, and the love, joy, and worth that I try to bring to others and myself. And then there are always ways in which I can definitely be improving, so I noted the areas in which I’m really like to focus on in 2018 (in addition to the priorities listed in the “proud of” section!). These are specific areas in which I know I’m not prioritizing as I should, and I’d really like to dedicate my time and hear to these so that I can be the best, most selfless and giving, and most loving me.

What I’m proud of this year:

  1. Our marriage (The most important thing in my life, apart from my faith. I LOVE, love, love being married to Rob for endless reasons, and it’s the greatest blessing this side of Heaven. I’m really proud of how well we’ve loved each other, made our marriage priority, and communicate well, even in the hard times or when we disagree/argue.)
  2. Planning our wedding for the right reasons (I tried to intentionally to plan our wedding for US and for our family and friends: not for the wedding industry, not with the goal of being published, to honor our budget, and simply as a reflection of our love, our story, to honor and love on our family and friends, and to glorify God through it all!)
  3. Becoming members of our church, serving on the welcome/communion team, helping lead our community group, and feeling like our church is truly our church home
  4. Volunteering regularly at the Raleigh Resuce Misson with preschoolers and being less selfish with my time
  5. Traveling often and embracing adventure
  6. Making our home welcoming and hosting friends and family often
  7. Reading many books
  8. Prioritizing quality time with my husband and falling more in love with him every day
  9. Hitting and surpassing our savings goals and (mostly) being a good steward of what we have been given
  10. Cooking and meal planning regularly
  11. Focusing on gratitude and joy daily, as well as laughing often

Where I can improve:

  1. Quiet time, focused Bible reading, prayer, and my gratitude journal
  2. Putting my phone completely away when I’m with Rob and with friends, as well as less social media mindless browsing and comparing
  3. Fitness and exercise
  4. Being a better and more supportive friend, especially to my single girlfriends
  5. Patience

What about you?! I love looking back at the things that I’m really proud of myself for prioritizing and putting my heart into, while also critically looking at ways to improve myself. Knowing what my big picture goals are, as well as knowing what’s truly most important in life, helps me focus and prioritize where to spend my time and energy. 2017 was such an incredible year overall, and I love being able to reflect on all of our many blessings and the incredible, loving people who fill our lives.

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