Fall Decor

Hi y’all, Lea here with another Interior Design inspired post! With the Fall season is upon us all I can think about is sweaters, chilly mornings, and pumpkin spice EVERYTHING!! All of these things are little components that make Fall such a wonderful time of year. However, when it comes to decorating Fall can be a little confusing. Many people tend to struggle with having too much Fall decor or just not really being sure what items to get. Personally, I am not a fan of Halloween decorations, so I steer clear of those (especially before October), but for some people that is their jam! If you are a Halloween lover than have at it, but today let’s focus on how to Fallify your home.

The first aspect I want to focus on is more of an atmosphere aspect of your home, aka how to give your home some cozy Fall feels!! The use of a good Fall candle can make such a huge difference in the feeling of your space. I have a few go-to scents that I loveeee for Fall, that are ensured to make you want to snuggle up with a cup of hot tea and a slice of pumpkin bread! DW Candles are some of my absolute favorites and they always have a great selection at Homegoods. This fall they came out with a Harvest line for fall and the scents are too good. My favorite is Apple Pumpkin and it is the yummiest combo of apple spice and pumpkin. They also have some other amazing scents including Autumn Orchard, Fireside Embers and Caramel Pumpkin, and let me tell you, they are all SO GOOD!!Ā candle1

There is a fine line of tacky Fall decor and classic Fall decor, which can often be difficult to find that balance. One of my favorite ways to add a little seasonal flare to your home is through a wreath. No matter what the season, a wreath is always an adorable way to add a little something to the outside of your home without taking it too far (think Clark in a Christmas Vacation). If you are a pro at DIY crafts there are dozens of Autumn inspired wreaths on Pinterest, however, if you’re not crafty like me you might want to opt to purchase a wreath. I would suggest buying a fake one so you could use it every year! Some affordable vendors who sell classy Fall wreaths are Pier 1, Crate&Barrel, Pottery Barn and Etsy. Here a few that I am really loving this season:


The next thing pop of Fall you can add to your home is pumpkins, personally, the traditional orange pumpkins are too much for my taste and I feel tend to clash with interiors (unless used outside). My eye has always been drawn to the use of white or even green pumpkins, and they add a more subtle touch than the orange. While decorating for Fall it can be tricky to figure out how to use your current decor with your Fall decor, especially because when you add new accessories it will most likely become too cluttered. So, with seasonal decorating you will most likely need to swap out some of your year round pieces for your Fall pieces. So, back to pumpkins!

A few places I love pumpkins (especially the minis), are on mantles, as centerpieces, or in place of trinkets on coffee tables or shelves.

These images show how easily it is to swap out your candles or trinkets and add in pumpkins to give your home a subtle Fall flare! I especially love this table setting, which is perfect for a Fall dinner party, Thanksgiving, or just to have set up for looks! The mix of the rustic wood, greenery and white pumpkins is so charming.

The last way to spice up your home for the season is by decorating your mantle! Every year growing up my mom would let me decorate our mantles for Christmas and I loved styling them with different Wintery pieces. You can do the same thing with Fall accents. Some ideas to really make your mantle a statement are to add Fall colors through florals or gourds, I also love to add in neutrals through wheats and such. Apples, pinecones and gourds are a great way to incorporate Fall details into your mantle (or anywhere in your home), while keeping the elements natural instead of store bought decorations. This helps keep your house feel homey, instead of like the dollar section at Target.


I love the warm colors that can be incorporated through natural Fall elements. I have never been a huge seasonal decorator because I always felt like adding Holiday decorations and such took away from the design of a space. However, as I’ve gotten older I have begun to enjoy the challenge of incorporating Holiday/Seasonal aspects while preserving the style of your room and hopefully through this post you can do the same!

Happy Fall, y’all! šŸ™‚

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