How To: Make Your Pinterest Inspiration Come to Life

From my education in interior design and the few weddings I have assisted Stephanie with, it has become so apparent to me that weddings and interiors really do mesh perfectly! What I love about interior design is how all the small details come together and play such a big role in the finished product of the room, and the same goes for weddings. One tiny tweaking of a floral arrangement, or adding one touch of gold to the table can make a huge difference in the grand scheme of things. It makes it so much fun! I love playing around with styling and accessories to make a room unique and special, and you can do the same for your wedding.

With Pinterest, it is so easy to see a picture and think “I want my room to look just like this!” or see a wedding venue and think “My wedding will look like this!” But when it comes to actually picking things out it is easier said than done. Today let’s talk about taking inspiration and transforming them into tangible styles in accessories (in particular wedding design!)

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So, let’s say this is your inspiration photo (major heart eyes), and you want to take aspects of this living room vignette and use them for your wedding design!  There’s a few aspects you want to consider: color, texture, and “feel.” For this space there are a lot of bright neutrals and golds with pops of pink, orange and black. In terms of texture, it is very sleek which gives the space a more sophisticated feel.

Now, here comes the tricky part… how do you take this and make it into a wedding design? Personally, I would really play up the pink (and orange if you’re feeling bold!), gold and neutrals in the space, as well as the sophisticated feel! If you don’t want your wedding to scream girly but you want to add in those feminine touches, pink flowers are a perfect statement! The options with pink flowers are limitless, literally.. there is no limit.


Here are three GORGEOUS floral options, all with their own character and style. Next let’s focus on that gold aspect of our inspiration. Gold is a super easy way to dress up and add a classic flair to any space! For wedding table styles a simple white china with gold detailing and gold flatware will do the trick perfectly. You can also add in a pop of gold with a gorgeous set of gold chiavari chairs.


If you want to hone in on the glass aspect of the coffee table and use that as an inspiration for your wedding it would be so simple and stunning to incorporate crystal and glass elements. These pink and gold elements + classic white linens will give your wedding reception a fun, fresh, and classic feel.

In the next Pinterest Inspiration How To, I’m going to focus on a more rustic/ farmhouse inspiration to give your outdoor wedding the perfect Southern vibe!

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