Breakfast in bed

In an effort to dive back into blogging and not give it too much thought about where to begin, I thought I’d share with you one of our favorite newlywed traditions, in the hopes that it might inspire you to savor the little moments and soak up a slow start to the day!


With marriage came move in together, something we were so excited about! The day after our wedding was far and away one of the best days of our life because it was finally our first day living together and sharing a home. And what a sweet day it was… our first full day as husband and wife! Rob still says it was his favorite day of our honeymoon, even though we weren’t even at our resort in Antigua yet, because it was a sweet, sweet day at home (our first home!) together.

Since I’m a wedding planner, I clearly work on some weekends during the course of the year, but, for the sake of quality time together, it’s really not too many Saturdays I’m dedicating to weddings. We have, even in just the last month of newlywed life, come to love breakfast in bed together! We registered for wooden folding breakfast in bed trays from Amazon, and when we were generously gifted them during my bridal shower, a few of my friends were incredulous we’d actually use them. But use them, we have! And I’m certain we will continue to for years to come.


As silly as it may sound, we cherish slow weekend mornings together, and breakfast in bed is the perfect complement to this! Some weekends are busier than others, so it’s not an everyday occurence… but our church service isn’t until 11:30am on Sundays, so we aren’t in any rush that day, either. We like to turn the music on through our speakers, begin making coffee (extra creamer for both of us!), and cook breakfast together. Rob is the master breakfast maker, and I gladly oblige and let him do much of the breakfast cooking. Our go-to includes bacon (Rob’s a bacon l-o-v-e-r!), an egg (over hard for him and over easy for me), and a hashbrown… but occasionally I’ll sneak out of bed early and make us a special treat, like monkey bread or biscuits and gravy. Eating our breakfast together in bed makes us linger over our food and coffee, have great conversations, and savor a quiet, slow start to the morning (since weekday mornings are the opposite!). We love building in this intentioal, indulgent time together, especially as newlyweds.

Some of you may be in a season of life (hello, parenthood!) where this is simply not in the cards for a while, but maybe there’s another way for you to intentionally set aside time for quality time together with your spouse. Or if you’re single, treat yourself to breakfast in bed! Light a candle, set out fresh flowers, and dive into a good book. There are countless ways to slow down time, even if for fifteen minutes, to savor the little moments of life, life listening to the birds chirp outside or watching the sun come through your windows. And now is always a good time to start a new tradition!

I’d love to hear if you have any favorite newlywed traditions or any favorite morning routines!

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