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Hooray! I’m so excited to invite all of you local friends to Articles Club!! Emily from Em for Marvelous and I are joining up to host a monthly Articles Club for Triangle area friends (and new friends!), and we would love to extend the invitation and have you join us! Emily and I have been online friends for several years now, and we just recently met in person, now that I live in the area (she is even sweeter in person!). So I’m especially excited to be sharing in this venture with her, as I’ve been so inspired by her for a long while!

Just what is an “Articles Club,” you ask? I shared about the Articles Club I hosted in DC here, and it was a great success + tons of fun! (In fact, my DC friends met up two weeks ago — even if I moved away, the articles club lives on!) Essentially, it’s a book club… just with a few articles to read and discuss instead of a book! I love a good book club, and this articles club is a fun twist on that – each month, we’ll get together to discuss and chat about three or so articles that we all read beforehand. I love that it’s less of a commitment for those who might not have time to read a whole book or for friends who aren’t huge fans of reading. Three articles can be read in a very short amount of time (in DC, I’m pretty sure most of us read the articles on our phones on the way to articles club!), and we’ll be sure to choose some really interesting, thought-provoking, and conversation-inducing articles each month.

We’ll be gathering on Tuesday, November 10th in the evening for our inaugural articles club, and Emily and I would love for any local Triangle ladies to join us! Whether you live in Chapel Hill, Raleigh, Durham, or somewhere in between… or whether you read every day or haven’t picked up a book in months… or whether you know either of us or just want to get to know some really awesome local ladies… we would love for anyone that’s interested to be a part of this! It’ll be casual, very inviting, and quite fun – and we’ll discuss the articles over appetizers, desserts, and drinks.

Email me by this Friday, October 16th (email address above in graphic) to RSVP and for more details. Just a note that we will have to cap it if we get too much interest! I’ll share with you the specifics (the address and time to meet on Tuesday, November 10th), as well as what articles have been selected for November. We’d love, love, love to have you there, friends!!

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